How to Set up a Dairy Co-Oprative Society

How to setup a DCS

  • First, a survey conducted in a village.
  • Check availability of Surplus Milk 100 Ltr. Or above.
  • A Extension meeting is conducted by "DCS organisation Team" in the presence of Sarpanch and villagers.
  • In the meeting, following details are provided by team to the villagers-
  • Info about Dugdh Sangh, about samiti(DCS), about better milk rates ( compair to other dairy), Govt. Dairy Schemes, govt. subsidies, avail of loan for animals, avail of fooder, Kratrim Garbhadhan- AI(Artificial Insemination) services provided, etc.

Process for registration

  • Minimum 20 members required in DCS
  • Membership fee ₹ 5 (lifetime)
  • Ansh rashi ₹ 100 (share) minimum 1share compulsory
  • Total ₹105 per member.

Then a registration proposal send to registrare for registration of DCS.

  • Now a 3 day training is conducted by DCS organisation Team in that village for a Secretary and a tester.
  • 1 Secretary (for record keeping) is recruited
  • 1 Tester (milk testing) recruited
  • And in case, if a DCS is far from the main road or milk tanker route, then 1 Head load is also recruited for milk transfer from DCS to milk tanker.
  • And electronic equipments provided to DCS.